At Mama Monacelli’s Kitchen, We Offer a Taste of Yesteryear

The flavors that emanated from family kitchens 2 and 3 generations ago are found in our packages.

Now we open the doors and invite you in to join us. Even if you can’t come to our home in Walla Walla or our store in Dayton, Mama Monacelli’s can come to you!

Our Delicious Offerings

2 Toffees

English Toffee & Maple Bark

Our classic English Toffee and unique Maple Bark are crunchy, but not hard, and exquisitely delicious.

2 Brittles

Peanut & Cashew

Our artisan Peanut Brittle and Cashew Brittle are light, crunchy, buttery and chock full of fresh nuts.

2 Snacks

Ginger Nut Mix & bobPOP

Mama Monacelli’s Ginger Nut Mix hits the spot when you want a slightly salty, slightly sweet and healthy snack.

7 Enhanced Almonds

Classic, Zesty Cinnamon, Sweet Nutmeg, Savory Rosemary, Exotic Ginger, Chili, Curry

When you need a quick treat, a thoughtful gift or just the right addition to an elegant cheese or dessert tray, Enhanced Almonds are the perfect choice.

11 Chocolate Barks

Peppermint, Espresso, Sea Salt, Lavender, Mexican Mocha, Chipotle, Ginger, Noisette, Orange Infused, Pistachio, Almond Chip

Mama Monacelli’s Peppermint Bark and Chocolate Barks add an extra touch to any gathering.

Family Owned & Operated

Mama Monacelli’s Kitchen has always been a gathering place for her 5 children, 4 step-children, countless “spares” and now their children (12 & counting). Warm aromas, laughter, song and delicious food have always drawn us together.

Whether you indulge in one variety, a sampler assortment or a basket,

your mouth will thank you!

Fresh Ingredients

There are no shortcuts to truly superior candies. Each small batch of our artisanal candy is lovingly crafted to ensure true homemade goodness.

All Mama Monacelli’s products are Gluten Free. Many are Vegan and Soy Free, as well!

We use only the freshest and most carefully chosen ingredients and each product is a labor of love.

The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Mama Monacelli’s Gift Baskets and Sampler Packs are sure to delight their recipients.

Build your personalized basket or sampler pack in 4 easy steps!

Mama Monacelli’s Best Sellers

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